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IMG_7212On September 14th 2016, a Boston Terrier named Archibald (aka Archie) celebrated his 15th birthday. His friend Dudley (a one-eyed Boston Terrier I got to paint recently, as seen HERE) commissioned me do a painted portrait and a watercolour sketch of ol’ Arch as a birthday gift surprise! Since the package arrived in Boise Idaho safe & sound and has been opened now, I’m able to share pix here:


I had a blast working on these two pieces. The reference photo I was given for the painting was super great – crisp detail, perfect lighting, and a hilarious & happy as can be expression. Then total stink-eye pose for the sketch piece lol. So much character packed into this one little creature. For the background of the painting I was given free rein to pick the colour. I really liked the bright green of the grass from the original photo, so I plucked a hue from there that complimented him and his big personality. And that’s what brought me to this kelly green shade! And since his expression in the sketch cracks me up also, here is a close up of that piece also:


I seriously can’t get enough of this guy lol.

Below is a photo from Archie’s Instagram account showing him posing next to his painting & sketch (in the lower right) :

(If you’re having trouble viewing the image, it can also be seen HERE.)

He looks a little tuckered out from opening all his gifts, and rightfully so lol… He was receiving packages for weeks!! 😀 Happy to have been a part of the festivities – thanks again Dudley & his dad for having me do these pieces for their special dog friend 🙂

Ps – If you are a fan of dog accounts on Instagram, or Boston Terriers in particular, these guys (the gifter, and giftee mentioned in this post) are both hilarious: @Dudley.The.Boston & @ArchieIsTheBosOfBoise .

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