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Back in April I was contacted by a sweet couple to do a sketch/watercolour of their late pup as a surprise birthday gift for their young daughter who missed her doggy oh so much. I was very touched that they asked me to do this for them! They also requested that I include their pup’s name in the artwork too, which was a nice detail. And here we have Sadie’s finished piece:

(If you are having trouble viewing the image, you can also see it HERE.)

This piece was my first time doing an 8″x10″ watercolour version of my Pets-A-Sketch series, so I wanted to share a post on it even though it’s way late in the making 😉

Oh, and they asked me to pick the name text colour (as long as it wasn’t pink), and so I opted for a cheery emerald colour! What do you think about including the name within the sketch border?

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