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Today I picked up my drawing pencils for the first time in ages! It’s been almost 5 years since taking drawing courses during my time at ACAD, and somewhere between then and now my sketching materials seemed to get tucked away while I focused on paintings.

Out of sight out of mind didn’t just apply to my watercolours it turns out… And for the second time in recent weeks, picking up an old medium was spurred by a new found handy little storage tool bringing them back into my line up so nice and neatly.

drawing experiment

Why draw myself? Simple – because it was the last thing I wanted to do lol, so thought it was the perfect challenge to take on first 😀

Recently I popped into Kensington Art Supply, and it was definitely like a kid in a candy store type scenario for me! I actually stopped in to grab a cool paintbrush stylus (will write all about that in an upcoming blog entry), but quickly found myself distracted and happily exploring all the nooks and crannies filled with art gadgets and fun supplies that were in store.

A handy little thing that caught my eye was this small wood storage box for pencils that also doubles as an easel for them. So they can stand up next to your work area making it easy to grab what you need, then close it shut for easy storage / organization. Win win! And it was only $9. Sweetness.

now you see them now you don't - handy pencil storage

Now you see them now you don’t – handy pencil storage box/easel

Somewhere over the years I must have transported all of my sketchbooks from school into storage, because I couldn’t find one in my studio anywhere lol! So it was time to buy a shiny brand new one if I was going to play around with sketching again:

what can I say - I love kraft! and although i prefer the aesthetic of bound sketchbooks, wire spine wins simply for practicality

What can I say – I love kraft! Wire spine wins over bound version for practical reasons

So with pencils comes sharpeners, and somehow I can never seem to find a pencil sharpener when I need one. So I dug up a cool small storage container that I found last year on my shopping travels, and there we have my new perfect pencil sharpener / shavings holder:

pencil sharpener box

Galvanized metal book shaped box from Cozy Cottage Interiors here in Calgary

And now that I’ve brought my sketchbook and drawing materials off the back burner, I’ve designated a drawer in my wicked awesome new desk for just drawing supplies! I don’t know if you’ve heard… organizing is one of my favourite things! lol.

drawing drawer

“drawing stuff”… I’m so eloquent haha

I’m excited to practice sketching again. Trying new mediums and techniques. Not sure how often I’ll get to play around with drawings, but I’m definitely looking forward to experimenting and practicing more often now 🙂

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