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“Why hello old friends!” I said while looking at my watercolours in their new spot on my shelf, after they’ve been tucked away in storage (out of sight out of mind) for years now.

Lately I’ve been trying to “go with the flow” / experiment / try new techniques, mixed in between my custom pieces. And recently I’ve been drawn to dabbling with my watercolours again, and it’s been lots of fun doing so!

A couple of weeks ago during an outting to local art stores, I found a great little pastel storage box with really thin drawers. I don’t have pastels (yet!) but knew I could find a great use for the box regardless. And if you read my previous blog post… then you already know I have a thing for drawers haha! Anyway, I get the little gem home and discovered it was the perfect fit for my watercolours! Now they have a new home where they are much easier to get to, I bought some new watercolour brushes, and I am enjoying playing around with the medium after so many years of sticking strictly with acrylics.

I’m not quite ready to share any new watercolours yet, but I’ve dug up some nostalgia to share with you in the meantime… Here are some old OLD watercolours that I did about 10 years ago (seriously where does the time go):

My first ever watercolour painting! Gift for my dad for xmas in 2002.

My first ever watercolour painting! Gift for my dad for xmas in 2002.

View up Kootenay Lake from my grandparent's property. Gift for their 50th anniversary. Circa 2003.

View up Kootenay Lake from my grandparent’s property. Gift for their 50th anniversary in 2003.

Gift I painted for a friend in 2004.

Gift I painted for a friend of their truck in 2004.

What’s up next for my “go with it” plan? Not sure yet… and that’s the beauty of it. 🙂

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  • Mandy Chutskoff February 20, 2013, 12:21 am

    OH my cousin! You are a wonderful writer and HELL YA!!! I am soooo glad you have a blog and are open to share the wonderful journey you are on. Love this new ‘go with it’ plan!! Life is fun this way 😉 Very cool. Sending huge hugs your way from cozy South Slocan couch (while wearing my comfy moccasins…thank you bunny(ies??)). Love you…keep rockin’ this world and keep sharing your love 🙂

    Cuz M

    • Robyn Millar February 20, 2013, 4:27 pm

      Thanks cuz! It feels good to just roll with it (I’ve resisted for so long! Not sure why?) and experiment with new art mediums and techniques. Was long overdue! I’m trying to write blogs more often too (vs once a month like I was for a bit there, whoops), wish me luck 😀
      Sending hugs your direction from my Calgary painting lair! <3 Chat soon

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