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Another first for my Minimalist Portrait series – twin sisters painted together on one canvas! Last year I painted my first twins in this black & white style (each on their own canvases though) …and funnily enough also on purple backgrounds! Anyway, I really enjoy making this series, and I was super excited to work on this piece featuring adorable 3yr old twin girls:

Ikeoluwa & Araoluwa

So much cuteness! Today I got to deliver this painting, and found out that it is going to be a birthday gift for them this weekend 🙂 I hope they like it!

And on an unrelated yet related note, lol:
I couldn’t for the life of me get a photo of the painting to reflect the proper purple of the background! Or when the purple was right, the white was way off then. It can be that I’m just camera challenged (I just have a regular point & shoot Canon), but this does happen to me any time I try to photograph purple, no matter what camera setting I try. And it only happens with purple! So if you have tips or suggestions on this particular dilemma, please do share I’d love some advice on this!!!

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