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This weekend I got to visit where I grew up, the place I always think about and miss. It’s my dad’s birthday and the whole fam gathered together this weekend to celebrate, good times all around!

Anyway, while I was there I got to see some of my best friends from high school too. A few of them live in the area and I couldn’t wait to visit with them as well! So before my sisters arrived on Friday, I popped over to one friend’s house to visit and to meet these adorable little munchkins:

picture of Sloan & Presley at 8 months

She had twins last winter, and I couldn’t wait to finally meet these two! I hadn’t seen her since her wedding a couple years ago either… did I mention that it freaks me out how time flies by so fast? So I was suuuper excited to visit!

I wanted to bring her a gift – paintings of her little ones:

“Sloan” | 5″x5″ | acrylic on canvas

“Presley” | 5″x5″ | acrylic on canvas

I moved to Calgary about 7 years ago now (sounds scary when I put a number on it like that!), and it seems like time couldn’t possibly fly by any faster… it feels like just yesterday me and my friends were dispersing all over the place to travel or go to college or whatever the situation may be.

Being the only Calgary dweller out of the group, I rarely get to see my friends that I grew up with. But I gotta say that even though I live so far away, and time flies by so quick, I love that when we do get to see each other it feels like no time has passed at all! Laughing like old times, catching up on new times.

It always feels like a “battery recharge” visiting home. Seeing family, catching up with old friends, breathing the clean mountain air. There’s just something about home. New goal? Go there more 😀

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