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(photo: Wild Rose blossoms are few and far between on my walks these days, but I found this little beauty hiding in the grass a couple days ago.)

Very recently I heard about a fundraiser called The Alberta Flood Rose Project, where artists can submit a 4″x4″ art piece featuring imagery of Alberta’s provincial flower (the wild rose) to help raise funds towards the Canadian Red Cross Flood Relief. As soon as I heard about it I zipped out and picked up a 4×4 canvas so I could make it in time before the deadline which is only a few days away. I have submitted a small scale painting, however various fine art media up to 1″ in depth are being accepted also. The submissions will be arranged in groups of 100 together, then framed to create larger art pieces. These larger framed pieces will then be auctioned off to raise funds to aid in the recovery after the recent flooding that devastated parts of Calgary and multiple other cities/communities around the province.

As of right now, the fundraiser has received enough donations to create four finished pieces (so 400 submissions so far and counting!), which is so great to hear! And the miniature wild rose themed pieces are still coming in. If you would like to submit one, there are still a few days left to do so (due by July 26th). There is also talk about creating books with all the entries, and tickets to the fundraiser auction later in August if you are interested as well. For the most up to date information and for further details, your best bet is to check out the fundraiser’s website directly at www.thealbertafloodroseproject.com, or their facebook page.

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