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wild rose pic in hand

Today I dropped off my painting donation for The Alberta Flood Rose Project that I mentioned yesterday.

My sister helped me out of a jam on this piece. I was on a time crunch to finish up some Pet Portraits for a deadline when I heard about the fundraiser, so I wasn’t able to go out and take wild rose pix to paint from in time. My sis often takes pretty photos of nature, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask if she had some wild rose pictures stashed somewhere in her archive. Like me she did not, HOWEVER she was so cool to offer and go take some for me (aw!). So she sent over a pic of the sole rose blossom she was able to find that day (they’re not really in season any more), it was perfect, and I got paintin’!

I like to utilize texture in my paintings, and gave little raised areas on the petal curls and in the flower’s centre. The signature part was much harder to do than I expected though. It measured under an inch on this piece, and let’s just say I was happy when that part was finished haha. Here are some detail shots of my donation piece called ‘Alberta Flood Rose’:

rose details

All in all a really cool project to participate in. It’s really neat to see the mix and combination of donation entries in the different compositions, colour schemes, and art mediums, etc. If you’d like to take a peek at the variety of submissions, visit: http://www.thealbertafloodroseproject.com/gallery.html.

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