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Last week I received my brand new linen textured Pet Portrait business cards from Jukeboxprint, and I looove them!

This is my second business card set that I’ve had printed with them, and same as before I turned to my fantastic graphic designer Mark to help me with the design for these.

It was really hard to narrow down which Pet Portrait picture to use from my portfolio for the one side, but in the end I chose to go with beautiful ‘Nanook’. It is one of my favourite portraits to date, and a touching story (read about it in this blog).

My new Pet Portrait business cards on linen textured paper from jukeboxprint.com

These cards incorporate the colours of my other set, are again very clean lined and contemporary, a little different layout to change things up, and are horizontal instead of vertical.

On my Custom Art cards I used my R.Millar signature really small on the image on the front of the card, because this is the signature that I paint in the bottom corner of my paintings. I thought it’d be nice to tie in with my business card.

my R.Millar signature show on my business cards

For my Pet Portrait cards I used my logo in the bottom corner because this is what I use on my pet portrait paintings to sign it (but on the edge, not the face of the painting) so it’s not distracting from the portrait itself…

My logo shown in the corner of my Pet Portrait business card

All in all I am really happy with all of my new business cards that coordinate with my new website!

All versions so far of my new linen texture business cards

Now I have all my cards… Now to find business card holders… easy right? Not so much…

To be continued on next post… please check back tomorrow 🙂

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