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Earlier this month I was contacted about painting a Minimalist Portrait as a gift for a boyfriend to give his girlfriend for her birthday. He sent over a picture that they took on a trip to Banff, and I got paintin’!

For those who aren’t familiar yet with this particular series – in a nutshell: from a photo I draw a portrait with contour lines and colour blocking while only using black and white (so no grey tones or shading, etc) then add in a fun colour background for contrast, and boom we get a contemporary “pop art” style piece.

I get to share the finished painting with you now because today is her birthday, yay! So here is Lyndsey & Michael’s finished custom portrait:

Lyndsey & MichaelI’ve done various paintings as birthday gifts for folks over the years, but this is my first one as a couples portrait which I thought was super cute! Also in the firsts department:
– largest Minimalist Portrait to date, measuring in at 11″x14″.
– first teal background (…ya I know, that’s not really a huge first… BUT it’s my favourite colour so I was excited! haha!).

If you would like further information on my Minimalist Portrait series, or would like to custom order one for yourself or as a gift, please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch, and I’d be happy to help 🙂

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