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‘Pet Portrait’ Painting

Ideal gift for: friend or family member who adores their pet(s), or, sadly, have recently lost a furry four-legged companion! 

Turn their pet into an original work of art!

Pet Portrait paintings can be painted in any size, and if you are on a tight budget we could do a miniature painting (4”x4” to 8”x10” range) of your loved one’s favourite pet. Larger sizes are also possible, so please email me what sizes you have in mind and I’d be happy to quote accordingly.

Two examples of finished Pet Portrait paintings:

If you would love to give a Pet Portrait painting as a gift, but don’t have access to your friend or family member’s pet photos, then we can do a Gift Certificate for the size of canvas that you would like to give them. And they can select the photo they’d like to use, and included with the certificate would be instructions on how to redeem.

For examples of Pet Portrait paintings click HERE.
For more information on ordering Pet Portraits, click HERE.
For quotes, please get in touch HERE.

And that’s a wrap (gift style lol)! Thanks so much for reading my Top 5 painting gift ideas! Take care

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