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fritz & bruno diptych

(Photo: final touches on paintings of ‘Fritz’ [left] and ‘Bruno’ [right] that were completed recently.)

A client contacted me earlier this summer on behalf of her & her sisters to paint a set of Pet Portraits of their mom’s doggies for her upcoming birthday. We actually met through Instagram which is always neat! We got to talking, found out we both live in Calgary (which was super cool because IG is global, so you just never know who you’re going to meet from where!) and she sent me photos of these little cuties, selected which pix she wanted done, and I got paintin’!!

The pair of paintings were given for their mom’s 50th birthday on Friday, and word is she was very happy with them! Which is always exciting of course :). Here are some pictures of the finished pieces:

Fritz the Dachshund dog’s Pet Portrait painting:

'Fritz' | 10"x10" | acrylic on canvas

‘Fritz’ the dachshund  | 10″x10″ | acrylic on canvas

Bruno the Beagle dog’s Pet Portrait painting:

'Bruno' | 10"x10" | acrylic on canvas

‘Bruno’ the beagle | 10″x10″ | acrylic on canvas

And as a fellow “Instagram-er” lol, my client encouraged me to post progress pictures of the paintings along the way, which I love to do whenever possible! So periodically I added some “teaser” shots – which was safe to do on IG because their mom is not on there :D. My client and her sisters were able to check out the pix on there without the big birthday gift surprise being at risk, which was super fun! Here are some samples of the progress shots (click on the image to be taken to my Instagram profile, where you can see the pix larger in there that way):

instagram pix

progress shot collages from Instagram

I hear that there are some “doppelganger” pictures currently in the works of Fritz & Bruno! I’m sooo excited to see these, will of course keep you posted :D. I’m also working on a painting progress video of these guys and hope to have that ready this month some time (I have many vids in the works and am slowly but surely catching up on those, lol) and will upload it to my YouTube channel.

I’m not gonna lie… these two are some of the favourite Pet Portraits I’ve painted to date. Love these little faces! Happy birthday again to Fritz & Bruno’s momma!! I hope you, your puppies, and fam enjoy these paintings for a long long time.

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