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Are you on Instagram?

I may have only signed up a few weeks ago, but very quickly got why it’s so popular and wish I’d joined sooner!

I love taking pix with my phone, and pretty much all the apps I have are photography related. I have fun playing with different photo filters and effects, or even making collages sometimes too. So Instagram has been a great fit! Immediately I was connected with other artists & photo lovers around the globe, sharing inspirations and appreciation for pretty pictures. I love it!

If you’re not familiar with Instagram yet, in a nutshell it is a free app for sharing your photos (in a square format) and viewing others. So whether you use it to share pix with family, or have a public profile so you can network with other people, Instagram is a great photo sharing tool.

screen capture of my Instagram profile on my iPhone, to give a little sampling…

Similarities to other social media apps:

Similar to facebook there is a like button under each photo, you are able to leave comments, or shoutout to other users by using an @. And like most social media you can follow users that you likeSimilar to Twitter it utilizes hashtags (essentially ‘key words’ with a # in front of it), so you can add categories or key words to your photos so other users can find them (if you have a public profile). You can also search hashtags to find specific styles or subject matter of other photos you may find interesting (eg “landscape” or a particular city, or style of lens used, etc). I’m not a big twitter fan for some reason, but even though Instagram is like a photo based twitter idea, I find it incredibly easy to use and navigate and quite enjoy it.

screen shot from in the app – showing the keyword hashtags to describe this particular photo for example

If you are on Instagram and would like to check out my photos on there, my username is @artbyrobynmillar.

Happy ‘apping’!

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