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Are you on the facebook bandwagon? It seems that almost everyone these days is on there (even my adorable grandma!), whether it be here and there to see what friends & family are up to, or more advanced fb-goers who get minute by minute updates on news, celebrities, and whatever else you can think of!

Did you know that I have a Page on facebook for my artwork? It’s located at: www.facebook.com/ArtByRobynMillar

I do love updating my new website don’t get me wrong, but chances still are that I’ll update my facebook Page first lol! So please log in and click “Like” at the top of my Art by Robyn Millar Page to get the most up to date information, pictures, and events.

If you see a photo or post that you like, please don’t hesitate to click the “like” button or comment on it. This is greatly appreciated because when people do this it opens the door to a network of other people who might not have been exposed to my artwork before. “Sharing” a post does the same type of thing, if you “share” a photo that you like from my art Page then your friends are able to see it as well, again expanding my audience reach.

As an independent artist, referrals really do mean a lot! So this whole new crazy world of social networking is an excellent tool for spreading the word! So if you like what you see, please remember to share the fb love 🙂

For those new-ish to the facebook game, here are some examples:

example of where you can click “like” on a photo

example of where you can write comments

Thanks so much & happy facebook-ing!

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