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Since my initial post on The Alberta Flood Rose Project fundraiser for Red Cross Flood Relief, it has snowballed even more!!! Which is so great to hear, and I wanted to share the latest updates.

Here is a really great video that was put together about the fundraiser. You get to see the sheer volume of submissions, as well as hear straight from the Project’s organizer on what it’s all about:

Over 400 artists ended up submitting art, with some even donating more than once.  The original plan of arranging the mini 4″x4″ pieces in groups of 100 was modified to 81, then these groups were framed behind glass. The volunteers for the project were able to create SEVEN of these large framed Collections! Which is so great to hear. Last night, they also posted photos to their official facebook page of the collections all put together! They almost have a quilt like quality to them, just really cool. Here is an example:

click on image to be taken to their facebook page which includes all 7 collections

“Collection B” from The Alberta Flood Rose Project. Click on this image to be taken to their facebook photo album to view all of the Collections.

(it’s a little like playing “Where’s Waldo” lol, but you can spot my donation submission three in from the bottom right corner painting (or “9G” in grid form) of “Collection B”)

The 40″x40″ frames containing the wild rose themed art Collections will be on tour throughout Calgary and neighbouring areas, then will be auctioned off on August 28th 2013. For more details & updates you can go right to the source at: www.thealbertafloodroseproject.com .

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