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Earlier this month a custom 30″x15″ pet portrait of a beautiful German Doberman headed to its home from my studio. When my client initially got in touch with the photo he wanted painted I immediately fell in love with the composition. Such a beauty of a pose, and dog, oh my! We chatted about using a rectangular canvas, and I suggested we go with one with a 2:1 size ratio as it framed Tanner’s pose so perfectly. He agreed with this format, and so away I went!

I like to sometimes put together what I call ’50/50 split’ pix, where I show the original reference photo side by side with a finished painting. But I recently discovered this cool app that does a similar thing but in an interactive fashion where you can move the slider, which I thought was so cool! Check it out:

(if the image slider isn’t showing properly within the post, you can also view it HERE)

Tanner’s dad had a special request for the painting in that he wanted me to include Tanner’s name on the front of the canvas, which can be seen in the bottom right corner of the finished piece. In addition to the name text, I requested to include the “sunbeam” of light going across the ground from the photo too. There was just something about it in the original photograph that I loved, plus it tied in so well with the highlights on Tanner’s fur too. I’m super glad we opted to leave it in there, and I am so excited with the final result!

Before the painting left my studio I took a quick video tour of it for fun also, which can be viewed here:

(if you are having trouble viewing this video, you can also watch it HERE directly on Instagram, even if you don’t have an IG account)

Once Tanner’s painting made it home, my client was so kind as to send me some “animal doppelgänger” photos of Tanner posing with his painting. I couldn’t pick a favourite lol, so I have included all three pix here (with his permission):

(if you are having trouble viewing these within the post, you can also view them HERE)

When the painting was complete I got to meet Tanner in person during pick up which was pretty cool! He is huge (approx 80-90lbs), adorable, and so very friendly. Thank you again to Tanner’s dad for having me paint your beautiful pup!

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