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Tonight, Skeeter Lewis’ painting headed home in all its ‘gopher pose’ glory! I just love his stance so much, oh my goodness.

I had a very tricky time getting a proper photo of this particular painting to be honest – black dogs are hard enough to photograph, then adding a dark green background in the mix made it even harder haha! So much glare off the paint to try and manage. Anyway, after many many tries, this ones does the trick 🙂

When it comes to painting details, I’m used to asking clients if they’d like the dog’s collar left in or if they’d prefer me to take it out for the painting. But it’s not every day that I need to ask a client this one: “…sooo would you like me to leave in his ‘personal area’? Or would you like me to adjust his tummy fluff to cover it etc”. It felt weird enough asking, but I wanted to be sure whether they wanted it included or not haha! Here was their response, which totally cracked me up:

“Lol we love his little gentlemen bits so we like them left in.  We joke about how we have to shovel him a path on the winter so his little peepee doesn’t drag in the snow 🙂 And yes let’s keep the collar too.  Thanks so much for your passion to detail.” 

I’m glad I asked! 😀 Best answer ever lol. This is actually the second painting I got to do for his mum, after painting Maggie Belle Bean for her & her husband earlier this year. Her notes on their pups are some of my faves to date, and just because I thought it was so cute here’s another note from her about Skeeter:

“He turned 16 on the 11th of August but still acts like he’s 6!  He does sometimes play the senior’s card to get a pick up on walks but that’s ok.  He does own ME after all :-)”


Ps – She said she’s going to try to get a “doppelgänger” pic for me too of Skeeter with his painting! So excited!!

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