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petey 12x12

Earlier this month a custom 12″x12″ painted Pet Portrait of Petey the dog headed to its home in Victoria BC.

When my client initially got in touch and sent me photos of Petey, almost all of them showed him nestled into bedding/blankets, looking happy as a clam:

snuggly petey

So instead of going with my usual head shot style with a solid colour background for the portrait, we decided to include the bedding detail that showed Petey tucked right into the bed, snug as a bug in a rug. We also opted to keep the red collar detail in the painting to add a punch of colour to the piece, subtle yet eye catching.

I took a little video tour of the painting before I packaged it up, if you’d like to take a peek you can view it here:

A post shared by Robyn Millar (@artbyrobynmillar) on

(if you are having trouble viewing the video, it can also be seen directly on my Instagram account HERE)

I’m really excited with the finished painting, and quite enjoyed working on the bedding detail as well. I’m so happy we went with a photo/pose of Petey nestled into the bedding like that, as it really looks like he’s in his happy place 🙂

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