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IMG_4083aWith the holiday season approaching, I am now accepting orders for my custom ‘Pets-a-Sketch’ drawings – they are available in a 5″x7″ unframed format, or fun Christmas ornament versions! Done freehand in pen & ink on archival quality paper, based on your very own pet photos.

Below is an example of my ‘Pets-a-Sketch’ custom drawings in ornament form. These ones measure approx 3″ wide. I’ll be taking on local (Calgary) orders from now until shortly before Xmas, however sketches requiring shipping would need to be sent out in early December to arrive in time before the holidays.


Ornament example from xmas 2013: ‘Darcy’

If you plan to gift a sketch of a friend or family member’s pet, but only have access to phone pix or ones from from the recipients facebook page etc, don’t fret! Low res pix are still sketchable (but high res ones are welcome too of course 😀 ).

For the unframed versions, custom sizes are also possible. For inquiries or to place an order, please contact me 🙂

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