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About four years ago, I thought to myself: “hmmm… I should probably get some proper business cards made up”. So I typed ‘unique business cards’ into google. At the time nothing overly interesting came up in the search. But then after some digging, I came across Moo.com.

They’ve been around since 2004, and are an online printing company. After about half an hour exploring their site, checking out their rates, I was in! What drew me to them initially was that if you order a 50 pack of business cards, each business card can have a different image on it for no extra charge! As an artist trying to showcase her broad portfolio, this was right up my alley! So I ordered them immediately.

Moo.com business cards

my ‘moo.com’ business cards, each with a different picture on the back, which is a feature I love!

At the time they only shipped from their headquarters in Great Britain, so regular shipping took a little while to receive my package. Understandable. But well worth the wait I’d find out. When I received them, I tore open the box with excitement, and fell in love! They were laminated in a smooth matte finish, were quite thick (I can’t remember what PT thickness, whoops), and their print quality was great.

After I ran out of my first run of cards, I decided to take a peek through their website again. They also offer greeting cards, mini business cards, and stickers… excellent! So I ordered some of those too, and was equally impressed.

Moo.com minicards

my ‘moo.com’ mini business cards: the box they came in, opening it up, checking them out, and a case.

Great Customer Service

They have great customer service too. One time I got a business card set that had one or two cards where there was a ‘ripple’ in the laminating material. When I contacted them they credited me enough on my account to buy a whole new pack! Can’t beat that.

A pack of 50 business cards is $19.99 US (plus shipping), so if you’re wanting a large quantity it’s probably not the way to go. But… for small runs, and artistic purposes, these guys rock.

my ‘moo.com’ custom artwork business cards

User Friendly Website

Another thing I liked about these guys is you create your business card design right on their website. You can upload your own photos, and it was very straight forward and user friendly to use from start to finish. However if you do your own graphic design, you can upload your business card file instead no problem.

my ‘moo.com’ pet portrait business cards. A different pet on the back of each card – so love that!

Get 10% off

Their ‘Refer a Friend Program‘ offers 10% off your first order! So if you’d like to order some new business cards, customize some of your own greeting cards, etc, just use this link and create away at 10% off: http://www.moo.com/share/gnhqn9.

my ‘moo.com’ Circle Art Series cards, and Classic Car Art cards

If you haven’t used Moo.com before, it’s definitely worth checking out.

If you have used Moo.com before – Did you love them as much as I did?

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