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MIXED MEDIA: Castlegar + Idaho Peak Edition


In October I completed nine new Mixed Media paintings as part of my ‘Modern Nostalgia’ Series. Seven of these new pieces feature imagery from the area of Castlegar BC (above), and two are of/from Idaho Peak (below).


All 9 of these new paintings were shipped to Kootenay Gallery for their annual “Christmas at the Gallery” juried exhibit and sale – which runs from Nov 13 to Dec 24 2015! For more details on that, please read HERE. I’ve also added images of each of these new paintings to my Mixed Media Portfolio page on my website if you’d like to take a closer peek. For those new to this series (or would like a refresher 🙂 ), below is an artist statement on this edition in particular:

Modern Nostalgia: Reflections in Paint (Castlegar + Idaho Peak edition)

Memories & images always go hand in hand for me – each captures a moment in time. The Modern Nostalgia series combines three elements that I hold dear: painting, photographs, and an antiqued aesthetic. At its core, it mixes old and new – from the timeworn structures in a modern backdrop, to past memories and new experiences.

My roots are in the Kootenays, and I will always consider it home. While I now live and work in Calgary AB, I continually miss the landscape. During a trip home this summer, I took a variety of photos in the Castlegar area including one of my “go to’s” – the Brilliant Bridge. Plus I got to visit one of my favourite spots on earth – Idaho Peak. During this trip not only did I take photos from a distance (landscape shots), I also focused on closer details such as foliage, or items at foot etc. 

Taking in the beauty of these local spots, from afar as well as up close, served as the inspiration for my Castlegar + Idaho Peak edition of this painting series. The weathered painting style is mixed with modern mixed media techniques creating a warm feel. And although my studio is hundreds of kilometers away, it brought me home creating these Reflections in Paint.

Although I don’t think it’s particularly important to know the exact places these paintings reflect in order to enjoy them (as my hope is that they can appeal to a wider audience of folks who may simply appreciate scenery & old structures in general), I do think it’s also a fun tidbit to know if you have memories rooted in the Kootenays too. 🙂

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