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LILY (x2)

lily set on easel

This spring, a lovely return client asked me to paint her pup Lily – x2! One canvas was to be added to her set of existing pet portraits (Ruby, Bailey & Steve, which can be seen in my previous post), and the second was to be gifted to her mother-in-law. Both pieces were painted using the same batch of background paint, which I thought was a nice little touch for bonding the two Lily versions. I couldn’t wait to find out which version my client kept for her collection, and all was revealed when she sent me this great doppelgänger pic:

lily doppelgänger

Lily looks slightly not amused haha! But I love this pic all the same. I’m told she’s a squirmy little creature, so I’m excited that she was able to hang in there for some photo taking 🙂

Since Lily’s piece was being added to an existing set with a blue & brown theme, we went with a medium grey tone for the background for this one. I have a sweet spot for a neutral & blue colour scheme (if you’ve been to my home then you’ve seen it for yourself – it’s everywhere lol!), and I totally love how this set looks all together! My client was so kind as to send me a photo of all four paintings hanging on the wall together that she said I could share:

set of 4 on wall

Love love love!

Thanks again LM for having me paint all your fur babies, x2!

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