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leelu & bella

Meet Leelu & Bella! My latest Pet Portrait models 🙂

My husband and I said “toodle-oo” to some good friends this weekend as they prepared for a big move to Montreal. Sad to see them leave Calgary, but excited for their new adventure! Leading up to the move they hired me to paint their beautiful kitties Leelu (grey, on left) and Bella (black, on right). I had ‘cat-sitted’ for them various times and Bella was very social with me and enjoyed pets and cuddles (if you don’t know this about me yet, you do now –> I LOVE CATS!). On the flip side, Leelu was very shy and I only saw her twice ever I think lol. I didn’t take it personally though, I hear that most people never see her at all! So I feel like I passed her test which was nice lol. Anyway! Photo wise, I’m so glad my friends were able to get this adorable pic of their cats cuddling together, the perfect reference image for their painting.

When we met up before they flew out we got a pic of Bella checking out the painting (not pictured is Leelu… she was hiding per usual lol):

bella dopp

So cute 🙂

I hope that their flight went smoothly and that kitties & fam are adjusting nicely to their new life in Quebec!

Dis bonjour à tes chats pour moi 😀

(who knows if that even made sense, I don’t remember a whole lot from high school French class lol)

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