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I’m excited to have artwork on display again at Javino in Discovery Ridge in Calgary AB! This is my fourth year showing artwork with them, since March 2009 I’ve had the opportunity to display and sell a variety of art there.

For this showing we are featuring my newest painting ‘Luminescent‘ which is a diptych with a grey tone backdrop with branches and vibrant red leaves, acrylic on canvas, approx 36″ wide by 42″ high (on 3″ deep canvas frame, painted around the edges).

Luminescent on display @Javino

‘Luminescent’ diptych (on left) and ‘Charcoal Blossom’ triptych (on right)

Also on display are two of my ‘Tree Blossom Series‘ triptychs. One is in grey tones and is approx 33″ wide by 18″ high overall (3″ deep canvas frames, painted around the edges). And the other is in warm brown tones and is approx 36″ wide by 14″ high overall (1.5″ deep canvas frames, with black edges).

Tree Blossom Series on display @Javino

‘Copper Blossom’ triptych

If you would like information on any of these paintings, please feel free to contact me HERE, or via FACEBOOK.

Javino 902, 10 Discovery Ridge Hill S.W. 

map to Javino Coffee & Wine bar

If you would like to see these paintings in person, Javino is located at 902, 10 Discovery Ridge Hill S.W. 

For more information on Javino click here.

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