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I haven’t written an ‘On A Personal Note’ post in quite a while, and I wanted to share some pix from a recent road trip – so figured this was the perfect time 🙂

For Father’s Day weekend I was able to head home to visit my family in BC. En route I saw a giant moody cloud that I thought looked pretty neat, so I pulled over to snap a pic. This was in or near Longview I think? Anyway, as you can imagine, many hours of driving through rain happened right after this lol:


Stormclouds a brewin’

While at my dad’s place I took some pix of my childhood cat who is now a lil old lady but still cute as ever! She is 15 and doing quite well but you just never know how long you have with pets, so just in case I gave her more cuddles than my usual already insane amount haha. And I tried to take some photos of her with my new camera – these are my favourite two snaps I got of her:


Ratty with a daisy

still playful at 15

Still playful at 15

While in Castlegar we popped into the Kootenay Gallery for a specific book for my sis, and to take a cruise through the gift shop. We also said hello to some of my Art Cards and Modern Nostalgia mixed media paintings above the doorway there:

Kootenay Gallery

Kootenay Gallery with my art cards & mixed media paintings

On the way back to Alberta I had some minor tire troubles which delayed my return to Calgary, so my sister and I took advantage of the extra time together & took lots more photos! She showed me some cool camera tricks too which was super helpful since I am new to DSLR shooting. Earlier in the year my family gifted me a wonderful Nikon camera for my birthday 🙂 so I was excited to finally be able to test it out on this trip! Here are some of my fave shots from that extra day in BC:

The sky is falling

The sky is falling


Misha cat


Bruno & Nero



daisy close up

Daisy close up

one more view

One more for the road

I’ve lived in Calgary 9 years now, but BC still feels like home and I assume it always will in a way. What a great place to grow up and have roots in! It was so nice to get to be with my dad on Father’s day, and to spend time with fam for the whole duration of the trip! Now to try & get out there more often 🙂

I had a lot of fun taking photos with my new camera, and am still learning the functions – & I could also benefit from some editing software I’m sure lol, but all around quite excited with it already. Now back to regularly scheduled [blog] programming… (new pet portrait post coming soon 😀 )

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