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Happy Father’s Day all!

This year I got to add the holiday to my eclectic list of occasions that clients have ordered Pet Portrait Gifts for! Which is always fun 🙂

Funny thing about painting orders is you just can never predict what will happen when. This year I was sooo organized in time for Mother’s Day orders, and didn’t get a lot of action. THEN, I was completely disorganized to get the word out for Father’s Day orders… but I received multiple regardless lol. Is there a term for when that happens? haha. Anyway, it’s just funny how that works some times, but it’s all good is my motto!!

This year for Father’s Day I had two Pet Portrait orders, as well as two Minimalist Kids Portraits headed out right in time for the occasion.

studio shot in progress

(Studio shot of the four paintings in progress) 

To view the full photos of each finished painting, please check out my ‘Pet Portraits‘ portfolio (new pieces are called ‘Kodi & Romeo’ & ‘Mischa’) and my ‘Minimalist Portraits‘ portfolio (new additions are ‘Quinn’, and ‘Oxley’ – the fully custom four tone portrait). Or you can check out my ‘Newest Work‘ tab, which is where they’ll be featured temporarily until newer work is added (it’s updated often).

For Father’s Day this year I got to visit my dad in BC which is super cool! Can’t remember the last time the timing worked out to do so, so it was nice for sure to see him and visit with family. I hope you guys all had a safe & fun weekend!

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