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When I was a teenager I got to bring home a black & white kitten with big bright green eyes, named Ratty. She was quite a character from the get go: cuddled on her terms, was a fierce hunter, and yet playful too. She was the fastest cat I’ve ever seen in my life! She caught all kinds of things, with the most random being a bat if I remember right lol. She once even tried to take down a giant crow… she didn’t succeed, but luckily that situation didn’t go sideways either haha.

When I moved off to college, it was a no-brainer to leave her and my other childhood cat (KC) there at home. They’d lived there their whole lives as outdoor cats with free-reign over a spacious yard, and I thought it wouldn’t be right to uproot either of them to selfishly take them with me to a Calgary apartment.

Yesterday, I got the news that Ratty girl passed away at 17 🙁

I loved spoiling her and cuddling her as much as possible every time I visited home. I loved making her into a purrito (wrapping her in a towel, she absolutely loved it!!). I loved when me and my dad would be on the phone and he’d put her on so I could hear her purr (she had a very loud motor lol). I miss all these things already.

Back in 2013 I painted a portrait of her, so I opted to take some pictures of her with it:


I actually took a video of her with her painting as well, and it can be seen in this blog post HERE. Oh! And an explanation of her name is in that post too if you are curious lol.

Then when I made her painting into a Pet Art Card, I took a pic of her with that as well. It just cracked me up so much that it looked like she was legit reading what was inside:

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 6.30.53 PM

I’m going to miss smothering her with cuddles when I come home. I’ll miss her cute little nose profile. I’ll miss her twitchy tail game she liked to play with us. I’ll miss her snooping in my bags (or helping me unpack, depending on how you look at it lol) :


My dad gave her a very good life for all of her remaining days, and I’m so grateful that she was a happy and healthy kitty in our lives for 17 years.

Farewell my little orca whale <3

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