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CYPEE (x2)


This week the above painting went to its home, and it was given as a belated birthday gift between friends. The funny part is, last year I got to paint the same pup, but from the recipient to the gifter! So now each of them have a Cypee painting, which I think is cute 🙂

For both of these paintings of Cypee, I was asked to pick out the background colours. For years, my go-to colours were neutrals or some form of blue. But when I was first sent the pictures of Cypee, a red nosed pit bull, I immediately thought that a purple would look wonderful with her colouring! Here is that first piece below:


When I got to paint Cypee a 2nd time, my instinct was to still to do a purple background! But I figured that’d be too matchy matchy (not that they are going to be in the same place, but still lol). So I was sitting at my desk, thinking on colours… when I looked up and had the perfect answer staring me in the face!!

(If you’re having trouble viewing this pic, you can see it HERE instead.)

The retro green / minty type colour of my paint cabinet was the perfect fit!! Very happy I went with this colour for the 2nd painting 🙂

Which painting of Cypee is your fave?