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cola dopp

(Photo: Cola posing next to her Pet Portrait painting. I call these “animal doppelganger” shots)

This darling little American Eskimo dog is named Cola. Her mom and I had connected on Instagram/Facebook, and then one day I received an email from Cola’s dad to do Pet Portrait as a surprise anniversary gift (…Take notes fellas!! lol). I thought it was a really sweet gift idea, and I was so excited to work on this painting for them. He sent me an adorable shot of Cola sitting on fresh snow with her head tilted to one side (what’s so cute about doggies doing this? I don’t know but it just is! True fact. lol) and the sweetest subtle smile on her face. As not to paint white against white though, we went with a neutral brown background. I can’t get enough of those pointy little ears, that tiny nose – just so cute all around. She was so fun to paint, and here is the finished piece:

'Cola' | 9"x12" | acrylic on canvas

‘Cola’ | 9″x12″ | acrylic on canvas

And on a different note (but still Cola related), I just had to share this awesome pic of her taken by Amber of Just for Kix Photography! Funnily enough she did a photo shoot with Cola around the same time I was finishing up my Pet Portrait painting of her. Although we follow each others work regularly, neither of us were aware of the other’s project until we were both finished, so it was super funny how the timing worked out! Anyway, here is one of my favourite shots she took of Cola:

Pphoto courtesty of Just for Kix Photography. Be sure to check them out!!

Photo courtesty of Just for Kix Photography.

To view the full photo album by Amber, please visit Just for Kix Photography’s facebook Page. If you are on Instagram and would like to follow pictures of Cola, check out @michhu. I’m also working on a progress video of Cola’s painting, and hope to post that soon as well, so stay tuned 🙂

Happy anniversary again to Cola’s mom & dad!

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