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charlie dopp

The first painting to head out of my studio after ‘The Big Move‘ was of Charlie the chocolate lab on a 14″x11″ canvas. His parents had a little photo session of him with his painting, and sent me this fun shot of their smiley guy (above). Love it!

For Charlie’s piece we used his parents’ favourite photo of him, which happens to be an adorable shot of him nestled under a dining room chair. For the painted version, we opted to take out the chair and just leave in the floor detail in the background. Taking out the chair also meant ‘creating’ the missing ear detail, but this was an easy fix since we had another ear photo to use that blended in seamlessly to his pose. Below is a pic of the reference picture with the chair legs in it next to the painting while it was still in progress:


To view the full image of Charlie’s finished painting, please visit my Pet Portrait Portfolio page.

Charlie’s parents have commissioned me to paint one of their pups each Christmas for the past three years, which has been so much fun. First was Barney their yellow lab in 2013, followed by Murphy their black lab in 2014, then cutie Charlie here (2015/2016). They were very kind & understanding about my move, so offered me an extended timeline on their usual Xmas ETA. And it helped, A LOT, so thank you again for that 🙂 . And not only  has this family commissioned me to paint their three doggies, but they also had me do a custom Tree piece with initials last summer too (that fun project can be viewed HERE)! Thank you again W+G for having me paint your fur babies over the years, it has been such a pleasure <3 <3 <3 .

Ps – I just realized right now while writing this post and setting up the link for Barney’s blog post, that Murphy hasn’t got his own special blog post yet! And this simply will not do, so I will get on that asap 😀

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