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If you are familiar with Sleep Rover Doggie Hotel & Daycare here in Calgary, then you will definitely recognize these little (well, big!) sweeties!!! When Joyce (owner of S.R.) and I initially chatted about painting a custom Pet Portrait of her and her husband’s pack of 5 dogs, she had one simple request:

“I’d love one of them all smiling except Thor – cuz he looks funny smiling lol.”

That of course is meant with all the love in the world haha! And I’m not gonna lie, it cracked me right up & I was in full agreement all at once haha! I do very much love his serious face.

As far as a reference photo goes – understandably, getting a pic to paint from of all five doggies together posing perfectly would be tricky (but not impossible! These guys & gals actually have a great track record for cute pix together as a group). We just didn’t have a pic available with all 5 pups in the facial expressions we were after, so their mum sent over a bunch of different photos for me to take a look at. And as luck would have it in this case the angles/lighting of the pix worked out perfect to combine 5 different ones togther into one composition!

She also opted to have the detailed background painted in, which features a scene in Banff that they visited in the summer that was really beautiful. And just for funzies, here are some close up pix of each pup:


Bella (Rottweiler)

mei mei

Mei Mei (Coyote Husky X)

Bourbon (Rottie)

Bourbon (Rottie)

Thor - French Bulldog

Thor (French Bulldog)

Shogun (Pitbull)

Shogun (Pitbull)

To view the full painting, please check out my Pet Portrait Portfolio.

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