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Bailey‘ here (8″x8″, acrylic on canvas) is my latest Pet Portrait piece, which went home this weekend:

When her mom contacted me she let me know that her beloved pup was getting on in years and she wanted to have a painting done of her. Sadly, Bailey passed away shortly after. ūüôĀ

We looked through various photos of this sweet little Lhasa Apso X, and this shot in particular (with her front paws up / stretching out to say hello) best reflected how they saw and will always remember little Bailey. We also opted to keep the wood and gravel background detail in the painting too which complimented the pose very nicely (vs doing a close up crop of the face against a solid colour background).

Shortly after taking the painting home, Bailey’s mom sent me a note to say how much she and her husband love their keepsake, which is so exciting to hear! I hope it can continue to bring them smiles & happy memories for many years to come.

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