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These custom panels were made for a client’s contemporary living room to add an architectural element to a spot on the wall that would be overwhelmed by an abstract or photographs etc due to nearby feature walls. As not to take away from or compete with surrounding art, we wanted to do something here that was subtle and almost ‘built in’ looking, in a sense almost blending into the wall… So I painted three abstract 20″x20″ birch panels utilizing their wall colour and a variety of grey undertones.

on wall

‘Architectural’ triptych | 20″x20″ each | acrylic on panel | shown on client’s wall

From afar they look like they are part of the wall, casting bold shadows on an otherwise clear white space, creating a subtle focal point. Upon closer inspection, you will see that the surfaces have a variety of distress marks which add warmth and visual interest. Overall, this set is clean and simple, yet a dramatic impact with a contemporary edge – fitting in seamlessly with their decor.

This was the first time I painted in this style, and I gotta say… Sometimes the simplest design is the most complicated to pull off, because the end result is supposed to look effortless. Easier said than done lol, but in the end I’m quite happy with how they turned out:

straight on view

straight on view

My client, their designer, and I clearly communicated what the end result was to look like, it was executed as such, they were happy with the end result, and proudly hang this triptych in their living room. So I couldn’t be happier with them.

On a funny side note – When I’ve shown this set to others, the odd person would comment “I could do that” or “that’s art?” and I can’t help but chuckle. You can’t win everybody over, that’s just the nature of it all… but if you and your client are happy with the commission in the end, then these kind of quips bounce off you (and let’s be honest – you gotta have a thick skin in the arts!). Art means something different to everybody and that truly is the beauty of it all.

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