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Over the years it has become a little tradition on my blog to put together a post after Christmas featuring the artwork that was created during the holiday season. From October through December I go full tilt in the studio on painting & sketch orders, and as a result I tend to hit pause on my blog entries during that time. So I find this to be a fun way to feature what I’ve been up to over the past few months, and to get back into the swing of things blog wise 🙂

First up we have the 8 acrylic on canvas Pet Portrait paintings that headed out for Christmas 2017: xmas 2017 pet portraits

Larger/individual pix of each of these paintings can be viewed on my Pet Portrait Portfolio page if you’d like to take a peek.

Then for my Pets-a-Sketch pieces I completed approx 60 of them for the holidays this year, and I recently managed to condense (most of) them into collages here:

ornaments 2017 5x7 sketches 2017 xmas

This season there were a few Pets-a-Sketch pieces in the 8×10 format that headed out too:

(if you are having trouble viewing the above Instagram photos, you can also view them directly HERE)

In addition to my regular pet portraits, I received a few custom requests this year as well. But instead of making this the longest blog post in the history of time lol, I thought it might be nice to feature those in upcoming blog posts instead to give a little more info on each. So stay tuned for those!

Big thanks to everyone who trusted me with their sentimental orders and special gifts this holiday season, & throughout the year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and here’s to a great 2018 🙂

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