Due to the influx in Pets-A-Sketch inquiries during the holiday season, I wanted to offer a spot with all ordering info in one convenient place :)

To view examples of available sketch styles, as well as pricing, please visit my Pets-A-Sketch page HERE.

If you would like to place an order, please read the following info. All sketch orders are done by email – please send inquiries / orders to .

Please include the following info with your order:
→ Attach the photo(s) you’d like sketched.
→ Indicate the name of each pet being sketched.
→ Indicate what format of sketch(es) you’d like (5×7 unframed, or 8×10 unframed).
→ Indicate what style of sketch(es) you’d like (black & white style, or watercolour accents).
→ If shipping is required from Calgary, please provide me with the mailing address that the artwork will be sent to & I can get a shipping quote for you.

The order process in a nutshell:
Email me the above info :) . Payment is done by e-transfer (sent to when placing the order. We coordinate shipping, or the pick up date/time. And then the artwork is all yours, yay!

For questions or clarification on anything listed above – please feel free to contact me via my website, email, or social media.