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Thanks to my wonderful clients, I had another great Xmas season! I got to paint various doggies this year – some were local, and some got to travel. In addition to my usual pet paintings and pet sketches, I even got to do a totally custom piece too!

Here is a pic of some of the paintings that headed out of town:


All went to various parts of BC actually now that I think about it lol. And two more went also, but I can’t share just yet as they are belated gifts 🙂 . So keep an eye out in January for those.

Here we have some of the local orders:


I brought in a few new canvas sizes for this year which was fun – this included 7″x7″ (far left), a custom 8″x13″, and 9″x7″ (bottom right).

And this is the douzey:


This is my largest portrait to date at 18″x18″, AND it has a person in it too! Which as you know is always nerve-wracking for me lol. But I couldn’t resist. For more info on this particular piece feel free to check out this blog post HERE.

Plus here are pix of some of the pet sketches from this season too:

sketch cluster

I introduced a couple new styles this year, and had a lot of fun adding in the extra watercolour details for the “Splash of Colour” orders!!

Thanks again to my wonderful clients, & followers / sharers – You guys make it possible for me to do what I do, and I heart you for it 🙂

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