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Custom Art: W+G


A wonderful couple has been commissioning me to paint their pets (2 down, 1 to go!), and then asked if I could paint a custom tree piece with their initials after seeing my custom R+N set earlier in the year. So we confirmed the canvas size, and they let me know that they’d like it to say W+G, and left the rest up to me! So the font & letter size, whether to include a heart or not like my other custom initials pieces, the background colour, etc. See with custom art orders usually sketches are requested to get the basic layout of what it’ll look like, but then the odd time you get a customer that wants you to wing it & for it to be a surprise to them. Which is super fun of course! Here are some close up pix of the finished painting, all done in acrylic on canvas:

IMG_6186 IMG_6199 IMG_6187

Before I started painting full time, I had worked for an Interior Designer for 7 years while I worked on paintings in my spare time – so it’s instinctual for me to consider client’s homes colour palettes when creating a custom piece. Since this client is a return customer, and was so sweet and sent me a photo of their pet portraits hung on their family picture collage wall before, I had a good idea of their colour scheme. Advantage Millar muhuhahaha 😀 ! At first I thought a deep rusty red colour would be good for the background, but with their warm paint colour and rust/brown accents I thought it’d blend in a little too well. So my 2nd choice became the obvious 1st choice, and I went with a fresh leafy green!

True to form, my client sent me a kind note & a photo of the painting hung up in their home right away. I love it!

w+g at home

Looks like the perfect spot to me!! Thanks so much again W+G 🙂

PS – If you would like your very own tree painting with custom initials, please feel free to get in touch & I’m happy to help!

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