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Word on the street is the video that I shared in my previous blog post didn’t show up for some folks! D’oh!! So there I was, talking away about Instagram’s new video feature & how you can share them in blog posts now etc… and then for some readers there was no video to be found 🙁 which makes no sense. So after finding that out, I’d like to try a mini experiment (and I invite you to join me!) with the hopes of finding a solution. Who’s in???

For this experiment, I’m embedding the same video below as my last post but using YouTube this time (instead of Instagram like before) and hopefully we’ll have more success with it this round! YouTube actually has a couple different ways to put video into blogs, so I’m trying 2 versions. So if you see one, none, or even both videos below – don’t be alarmed :D! But please do feel free to share with me what you see – it’ll be fun… think of it like a fun group science project 😉

And GO!

Experiment pt1:

Experiment pt2:

I invite you to leave a comment below or shoot me an email with what you see above, and which device you are viewing from 🙂 . Go team!

(It just dawned on me that we kind of have the steps of The Scientific Method going on here lol. We’ve stated the Purpose, are doing Research, sort of have a Hypothesis, have a wee Experiment happening, and now working on the Analysis & Conclusions portion. Haha, nice! Who woulda thunk it, lol.)

I’m not totally sure if IG videos are just too new (they’re only about a month or so old) and they’re still hammering out glitches, if there are compatibility issues between different browsers or operating systems, or if there’s just some legit tech-y reason that’s way above my head lol… but at this point I feel it’s wise to try a different way of sharing videos to make sure all readers, in whichever form (via my website, RSS feed, or email subscribers) can see the same thing. Oh technology… I so don’t get you sometimes haha. But I haven’t given up on this video thing yet! I’m too excited!

While we wait for the results, I shall go back to painting!! Thanks so much for your help & talk soon!

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