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A friend from high school contacted me recently to paint a Pet Portrait of his mom’s dog as a surprise gift for her, which I thought was a very lovely plan! I found out that the painting arrived safe & sound in the mail to Winlaw BC yesterday, so I wanted to share pix of this adorable pup’s painting with you now:

tia (vertical)

50/50 split pic: finished painting (left) vs original photo (right)

In the reference picture for the painting, Tia (a Yorkshire Terrier) is “hanging out” in a colourful fabric hammock (no pun intended, lol… ok maybe a little intended, haha). So we opted to go for the detailed background upgrade for this piece. And I’m really diggin’ the results! What do you think?

Here are some detail shots of the painting:

fabric detail curl detail
ear & grass detail

As a little side note –
All of the painting packages I’ve mailed out to date have been to the person who placed the order. So this was the first package sent right to the gift recipient’s door! Picture this: a surprise package arrives in the mail (curveball the 1st) with a Calgary return address on it (curveball the 2nd, my friend is not from Calgary haha), then once opened it shows a gift wrapped box with a “to mom, love jon” tag on it. Simples. What ever could it be?? Excellent gifting style friend!! Love it! Very sweet son indeed.

Moments after I posted the picture of the finished painting to my Facebook Page I received a note from my friend’s mum, which I thought was very sweet too! Lovely fam. And I also hear that they’re going to be working on some “Animal Doppelgänger” pix of Tia with her painting. I will of course keep you posted on that cuteness when it occurs 🙂

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