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Oh hi there! It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog (almost 3 months, yikes!), so I feel like I should explain. In a nutshell… it’s because of ‘The Big Move’ 😀

As mentioned in my most recent  e-newsletter that I sent out, my husband and I moved in January which is very exciting!!  I hadn’t moved in about 8 years, and doing so in your 30’s is definitely a whole different monster than moving in your college days (when you could probably just cram everything from your apartment into your car lol). I knew this, I was prepared for this… and it was all as big of an undertaking as predicted lol. I’m super thankful that it all went as smoothly as it did though, and we couldn’t be happier with our new home!! <3

Months of planning and prep went into the move, and even with that it still took a while to settle in. I somehow managed to completely underestimate the time it would take to get unpacked & get back into a normal routine lol. Which in turn derailed my painting (and blogging!) schedule for a bit. But thankfully everything is coming back into a regular groove now.

My studio is almost all set up now too, woot woot! It’s feeling good, and I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it here and there as time goes on (as I’ve always done lol). And I hope to get back into a normal blogging cycle soon too, so keep an eye out for some posts on paintings I’ve been working on over the last while 🙂

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