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When my sister was taking pix of my nephew pup Bruno (as shown in my previous post), she also managed to take some snaps of him posing with his big brother Nero + his portrait that I painted a few years back (you can view Nero’s post HERE). Both boys are Staffordshire Bull Terriers (or ‘Staffy’ for short), and have the biggest smiles ever! Lil’ handsome devils.

Here’s a pic the two of them together with their paintings:

bruno & nero dopp

The sun was a blazin’, hence their eyes are closed, but it still cracks me up so much – I just love this pic!

If you are on Instagram & enjoy following cute doggie accounts (I’m not crazy, it’s actually a common thing on there I promise! lol!), Bruno & Nero have their own profile and their adorable factor is through the roof at all times on there. Here’s their account if you’d like to check it out:

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