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Earlier this month a custom set of 5 Pet Portrait paintings headed to their home in Ontario. A client had ordered a painting from me a few years ago of their rottweiler named Baldwin, and they wanted to add to their collection in the same canvas size & style. She sent me the photos of each pet to be painted, and left it to me to select the colours for each of the backgrounds. She mentioned that their living room was white, with accent colours from their wedding (royal purple, lavender/lilac, and daffodil yellow). So based on those parameters, and considering the blue from the painting they already had from me, I picked out complimentary colours for the new additions:


Markers came in handy for this step to narrow down which colour direction to go in for the group as a whole, then the final shades were fine-tuned in the painting stage. In addition to picking out the colours, my client requested that I include name text on each of the paintings like we did with Baldwin’s piece:

juno name

So for the 5 new pieces we have Amber the grey cat (with the ‘amber’ orange background), Lance the orange cat (with the royal purple background), Juno the husky (with the green background), Aura the rottie (with the lavender/lilac background), and Gotham the black cat (with the yellow background and his little scull & crossbones collar included).

And finally, here is a photo of the five new paintings hung on the wall along with their original piece to create their custom set of 6 all together:

set of 6 on wall

I really love how they hung the paintings on the wall! Very unique, and I bet quite difficult to do as well. Thank you again J&A for having me paint your all your fur babies, this has been such a fun set 🙂

Ps – For closer up photos of each individual painting from this set, please visit in my Pet Portrait Portfolio page.

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