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Last week, this set of three custom Pet Portraits was given as a surprise gift between friends. They had been completed earlier in the fall, but I couldn’t share pictures until they were revealed to the recipient not too long ago. And I’m really excited to get to share pix now 🙂 ! On the top we have Cake (aka Casey), on the left is Ndume (Swahili for “male/brother”), and on the right is Mpundu (Swahili for “twin”).

When my client originally contacted me, she let me know that she wanted to commission a painting as a gift for a family that’d been pet sitting for and became close with. So she sent me various photos of all the pups, we chatted about options, decided to go with a unique set of three (vs all on one, or all canvases the same size), and I started painting away!


example pic of wood panel texture

Also, this particular set was actually painted on birch wood panels vs my usual canvas. It offers a slightly different aesthetic, mainly the texture, but the paint also acts a little differently on this surface as well. I had a lot of fun working on these, and may start doing more paintings on wood in the future! Above is a close up pic to try and show the subtle wood texture showing through the paint.

Full images of each painting can be viewed in my Pet Portrait Portfolio gallery. And just for fun, here are some detail shots:

IMG_4994 IMG_4998 IMG_4995

Ps – I’m told that some animal doppelgänger pix are in the works, and I sooo can’t wait!

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