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Today I got to deliver a painting of Sasha, who is an Austrailian Shepard X. Her dad got in touch with me this summer to paint a portrait of his beautiful senior dog.

sasha 50:50

50/50 split pic (left: finished painting / right: reference photo)

I always ask my clients if they have a preference for the background colour of their painting (considering it will be in displayed amongst their décor), and some select a favourite colour, some request a neutral, and then a small number say “Anything – whatever compliments them best, I trust you!” which is always fun! Even when I’m given free reign of colour choice I often still gravitate towards neutrals, but in Sasha’s case I was very much drawn to a shade of purple to make her rust coloured markings & caramel eyes pop. This is my first Pet Portrait with this type of colour for the background, and I’m really excited with the final result!

Here are some close up shots of Sasha’s finished painting:

sasha nose sasha ear
sasha eye

To view her full painting, please visit my Pet Portrait portfolio gallery.

What are your thoughts on using purple as a background colour?

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