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ratty and me

We all know I love seeing pictures of animals with their Pet Portraits (I call these shots ‘Doppelgängers‘), and I’m excited to be growing my small collection of video versions as well. I just love the interaction and personalities they capture! And this summer I was even able to get a short video of my childhood cat with a mini painting I did of her.

Regarding her name…
When I was in high school our family got a little black and white kitten with the most beautiful green eyes. She was the runt of the litter, and had huuuge ears in comparison to her tiny body! She looked like a combo of a bat & a rat (and I mean that in the cutest of ways of course 😀 … think of a cartoon version, if that helps haha), and somehow my teenage brain thought it’d be fitting to call her Ratty. Aaand it stuck. She’s now a senior kitty, with the approximate build of a bowling ball mixed with an orca lol (again, meant in the cutest way possible… think cartoon!) but is still as adorable and animated as the day she arrived!

It was tricky to get pictures of her with her painting, because she kept rubbing her face on it and purring instead, haha! But I’ll take it. Here is the video:

(If the video isn’t displaying properly here for any reason – you can check it out on my youtube channel HERE.)

If you crank up your volume you can make out her purring… and also some accordion. My husband thought it’d be hilarious to play accordion in the background… I so don’t get it. But I still love him :p .

I also took some photos of Ratty with her painting (and plan to post those shortly on my Facebook Page as well in my Animal Doppelgänger album). And there you have it – my latest doppelgänger video!

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