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quinn sequence

I can’t help but share these pictures of Quinn (with his momma’s permission of course!) checking out his Minimalist Portrait.

The timing worked out so that I got to meet this little cutie when delivering the painting. He was enjoying some play time with dad and (fur)brother Roman in the back yard while mom was opening the portrait near by… Q was more interested in inviting me to join in the soccer fun (was so adorable btw) than helping mom open the packaging. But shortly after she showed him the painting, and I SOOO wish I had this on camera, but as soon as he looked at it his face lit up and he pointed at it like “hey that’s me!!” – was the cutest thing everrr! Then a mini photo shoot happened, including this perfect shot taken by his momma:


It’s always so cool getting to experience moments like this together with people opening their paintings for the first time. It’s a bit indescribable actually, just so neat.

To view a full sized photo of Quinn’s finished portrait painting, please check out my Minimalist Portrait portfolio.

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