“My precious Feen Bean had the world’s biggest smile; Robyn not only captured that, but she brought it to life. I knew she would take my breath away, but there are no words to explain how I felt when I opened up her portrait for the first time. I wanted to cry, but I was so overwhelmed with happiness. Everything about the portrait was just perfect, from the whiskers, to the nose, to the eyes & the tips of her ears, absolutely perfect. Thank you so much Robyn, I get to see her smile again, everyday, because of you.”

– Amber, of Just for Kix Photography


“Finding Robyn online was such a blessing. Her passion and professionalism made my experience with her an amazing experience. Her artistic eye is something to be cherished. Thank you for making my wedding gift to my wife a beautiful memory we can have forever.”

– D&C of Calgary, Alberta


“I received the most wonderful gift from my daughter, a beautiful portrait of our dog, Abby. You captured the very essence of her, especially the twinkle in her eyes, AMAZING! We had been on a fall hike the day the photo was taken – the “Abby smile”, a moment in time – the portrait you did is absolutely perfect! I am so grateful my daughter chose you to do this. I will treasure this, always. Your talent and pure passion is simply amazing. Thank-you so very much”

– K.L. of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba


“We received our pet portrait for Christmas and we can’t begin to tell you how perfectly you captured our three beautiful Collies. Since my Husband & I were married we have had wonderful Collies in our lives. Our 1st one was Shep, then Lexy and we now have Stella. It is fascinating to us how you, who has never met or even seen our dogs, can capture their beauty and personalities in a portrait. They all look perfect and it warms our hearts each day to see this portrait looking back at us. I can tell you I cried a lot when we first received it. It is definitely our most treasured item in our home. We still can’t thank my sister enough for this precious gift and we have no words to describe your magnificent talent other than to say that you captured everything about them perfectly.”

– K&R of Trail, British Columbia


“Robyn, we are so glad we found you! The Portrait you painted of our Barney is so Amazing!!! We look at it every day and it adds an extra smile to each of us every time! After looking at your work on your website, we knew that we needed to have one of your paintings on our Family Wall. Wendy was so surprised when she opened it on her birthday (Christmas Day) and looked directly into Barney’s Big Brown Eyes. Your talent, passion and professionalism are so admired……. We so look forward to our next Robyn Millar Original – we just have to decide who gets the slot Murphy or Charlie! Thanks again for this treasured piece of artwork we will cherish for years!!

– G&W of Calgary, Alberta


“Words cannot express how touched I was that my sister arranged to have you create my Christmas present when she saw your unique paintings and shared a picture with you of my best friend Keena a delightful Lhasa Apso. Keena has been a lifeline for our family with life’s challenges of happiness and sadness of my husband and father passing away to cancer way too soon. The unconditional love this nine pound little girl provided for me leaves no words to express the gratitude I feel of her time with me. She was with us until 17 1/2 years of age and on July 2, 2013, I had the difficult decision for her to join others in heaven as she was in pain. Robyn you have captured the essence of Keena in the painting you lovingly created of the most precious friend I have shared my life. When I look at her picture it is as if she were walking towards me. Your talent is very special as you are able to create ongoing memories. This gift is ‘priceless’ for me and I’m delighted my sister researched and saw your beautiful paintings. Your piece of art will always have a special place in my heart.”

– J.R. of Calgary, Alberta


“Such amazing paintings it brough tears to our eyes and to see the video of them being painted is unbelievably beautiful!!!!! Thank you for sharing this with us it brings back such wonderful memories of them.”

– M.M. of Palm Desert, California


“We absolutely adore it!!! We miss Nixon incredibly and this painting will allow his memory to live on for years and years to come! I love how you captured the little twinkle in his eye that caused us to fall in love with him and my husband commented on how you captured his goofy tufts of hair on his head. We couldn’t be happier with the painting and the whole process!! Thank you muchly and we will definitely be recommending you to others!!”

– J&W of Lloydminster, Alberta


“Robyn has an incredible talent for capturing the true character of any pet.  I nearly cried when I saw Nero’s portrait for the first time, and it makes me smile every time I look at it.  I can’t wait to get another Robyn Millar original!”

– M.B. of Wardner, British Columbia


“I saw Robyn’s work on Instagram and was immediately drawn to her amazing details. I especially loved her ‘zoomed-in’ pictures, focusing on one facial detail or area. I have a very special little man with a cleft lip and a crooked nose with a tooth that extends up into it and I knew Robyn’s style of pet portraits would be perfect for Jack’s unique nose. She worked with me to determine the best layout for the portrait – originally I wanted just his nose and Robyn explained that including one of his eyes would make for a better arrangement. I sent her a close-up photo of Jack and she did the rest! When I received the portrait in the mail, I was so amazed by the detail and the life-like look. It seems like you are looking right into Jack’s eye – it looks wet and real. The details of his nose and tooth are perfect. This portrait was the ideal way to accentuate Jack’s special nose and I know it will be a treasured piece of art in our home forever.”

– A.M. of Folsom, California


“It was a wonderful surprise to receive a painting of our Grace for my birthday. The painting is life like and I will treasure it forever, it will be a reminder of her long after she is gone. I will definitely be getting another very soon. Robyn is such a talented artist.”

– Sara Kendrick, of Crazy Cat People Bengals


“Robyn did a painting of Aspen which I gave to my husband for Christmas. (It was really for both of us). I loved dealing with Robyn, she kept in contact re her progress and completed it right on time as promised, wrapped in a beautiful package and ready to gift. The painting is simply beautiful, and is hung in a prominent spot in our home bringing a special presence to the room. I never walk by that room without peaking in on my Aspen. We loved that dog more than words can say, and this is such a beautiful way to keep her memory alive. Robyn is a talented lady, and Im fortunate to have found her. Thanks a million….”

– C.B. of Calgary, Alberta


“When I saw some of the work Robyn had done, I thought she would be the perfect person to paint a portrait of my sister’s dog Sassy who passed away last year.  My sister’s dog Sassy was a toy pomeranian that my sister rescued.  She was my sister’s soul mate. Robyn was amazing to deal with and very professional, and the likeness of the painting was amazing.  My sister bawled when she opened her portrait at Christmas. Just beautiful work..and you can tell she really “gets” the essence of the animal’s soul in her paintings.”

– T.H. of Calgary, Alberta


“I had a special request for Robyn! I was slow in deciding on a Christmas gift for my sister and her husband and Robyn saved the day! There was no way that the portrait of their silver lab, Jamie would be ready in time! Never mind the fact that we were travelling to Hawaii for the holidays and wouldn’t want to risk damaging the real portrait by lugging it on the airplane. I was at a bit of a loss of how to give a gift such as this – Robyn came up with a great idea! She took pictures of the work-in-progress and emailed them to me. I created a collage of the pencil drawings and the pics showing the first few strokes of paint. They loved it! And it was a great teaser to the final product! I already have the next project in mind. Art by Robyn Millar is first class all the way!”

– J.D. of Calgary, Alberta


“As usual, just BEAUTIFUL work! My sister took this picture a couple of years ago and it captured Rufus’ spirit exactly. Robyn’s version did one better! It actually feels like you could reach out and touch him! Thank you so much for creating a great work of art out of our most favorite dog!”

– Jill of Sit Happens! Dog Companion Training


“Robyn did our pack in pet portrait for my Husbands birthday. It is a wonderful painting and very realistic of our pooches. It is a portrait that will be treasured by us and my son in the future. Thank You Robyn for such a professional painting.”

– D.T. of Calgary, Alberta


“The pet portrait Robyn created of my dog is so meaningful to me. She has captured him perfectly. This piece is almost photographic, with so much soul. I know I will have it, look at it and love it for many, many years.”

– F.H. of Calgary, Alberta


“Getting a painting done of our Misty is a very special memory we will always have of her. The emotion in her eyes is so real. Thank-you Robyn!”

– M.H. of Calgary, Alberta


“I want to thank you so much for this painting of our dog Monty, we lost him in February which has been difficult. We now have a beautiful portrait of our furry family member sitting on our fireplace thanks you so much for the wonderful keepsake.”

– S.W.S. of Stratford, Ontario


“I received the painting and it brought Happy tears to my eyes.  It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and it couldn’t be more perfect!  Thank you so very much for putting all of the little details in like the dots on her nose, it is greatly appreciated. Karsee was the love of my life for 13 years and having this forever keepsake of her is just priceless. Thank you so much for the love you put in to it.”

– S&E of Whitehorse, Yukon


“A snapshot captures a moment in time: a painting captures a time itself. I had thought to ask Robyn to paint a portrait to commemorate a beloved cat, now deceased, but decided instead to commission her to paint our current cat companions, Grey C. and Woolley. It was an absolute delight to see the completed canvases. Working only from photographs, Robyn astonishingly captured both cats’ individual characters and their exuberance for life.

Grey, a reserved, gentle soul, is nestled in cool grass, as she would do. Grey loves spending long summer days in tall grass, patiently watching for birds and squirrels. Wool’s portrait posed more of a problem. Robyn lifted her image from off the original indoor photographic setting and placed her in a setting similar to that of Grey’s portrait. She then added a ladybug in Wool’s line of sight. Thus, a photograph of our younger cat became a painted expression of the dynamic kitty Wool is. In the portrait Wool is caught in that moment of suspension between rest and the inevitable spring to action. The two portraits together convey the feeling of our cats’ early lives, and will always be a treasured reminder to us of the joy we now take in Grey Wool’s cat-discoveries.

Robyn’s artistry is amazing, the detail in her work surprising. The eyes of her subjects, in particular, are stunningly realistic. Although I know she had several commissions at the same time as mine, she was always attentive. It was truly a pleasure working with her.”

– J.T. of Calgary, AB


“I knew the likeness of George would be amazing, based on your other work I’ve seen. But you really did a great job of recreating the actual photo. It makes it so extra special because it’s a photo my brother took, it’s a photo of George, and it’s a photo of him on the steps of their old house in Calgary. So many special memories that make this painting thoughtful. And now that George lives with me and not with them, they can see him every day! Your painting really brought him to life. You have also been great to work with, and so positive and helpful. Thanks for everything!!”

– A.K. of Victoria, BC


“This is my pooch, the painting is a spitting image of him. It’s the best birthday gift I ever received. The likeness of my dog is unbelievable really. Will always cherish it, even made arrangements for my daughter to take care of it if something happens to me.”

– N.D. of Moncton, New Brunswick


“A while back, I decided that my dad’s world didn’t revolve around me quite enough and since there was an open spot on the wall, a pet portrait of yours truly seemed like the only logical thing to hang there. So, he got a hold of Robyn @artbyrobynmillar, to do up a little something and this is what she did. I don’t know about you guys but I think she did a freakin’ FANTASTIC job!!☺”

– @Dudley.The.Boston of Edmonton, AB


“Oh Miss Robyn, my mom & I absolutely adore both the painting & drawing!!! The canvas painting & ink drawing from Dudley are awesome additions to my mom’s SHRINE O’ ARCHIBALD! ✨Thank you so much again for painting such a perfect portrait of me! My mom LOVES LOVES LOVES it!!!

@ArchieIsTheBosOfBoise of Boise, Idaho, USA