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This week I wrapped up two Pet Portrait orders that I knew were both for birthdays, but then I found out that both birthdays are today! So that was kind of cool! Like last summer when I delivered two wedding gift Pet Portraits around the same time frame, just neat when coincidences like that happen.

One of the orders was of two dogs painted on a canvas together with a scenic backdrop from husband to wife for her birthday. When we were chatting he let me know that he wanted to do something more personal this year for her instead of going to Tiffany’s… to which I said: “Holy Moly”! My art wins out over Tiffany’s in this scenario? That was pretty flattering I must say, as I don’t know about you other ladies out there but I’d have a heart attack if I got Tiffany’s I’d be so excited haha! Anyway, it was a very sweet sentiment and I’m so glad I got to be a part of this special gift. Here is the finished painting of their beloved late pups:

Chopper & Ceilidh

‘Chopper & Ceilidh’ | 18″x12″ | acrylic on canvas (with detailed background upgrade)

Although it doesn’t always work out, we were able in this particular situation to combine two photos to create this composition of them sitting together. We also opted for the detailed background add on (vs doing a solid colour like usual) to create a unique memory of one of their family camping trips.

The other order was a set of two canvases with brother & sister doggies, and these were from a group of siblings to give their brother for his 60th birthday. Instead of painting both pups on the same canvas, we went with headshots of each for a contemporary look. I love these little faces:

sandy & chansey

left: ‘Sandy’ / right: ‘Chansey’ | 10″x10″ each | acrylic on canvas

Sadly I found out that all of these little cuties had passed away, making both orders memorial pieces in the end. So sad of course, but always so touching when people ask me to paint such special pieces to them.

Wishing safe and happy birthday celebrations to both families today!
Take care

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