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NIKA (plus Nika & Laika)

nika pieces

Remember Laika from last week? This is her very close pal named Nika (who sadly has passed over the Rainbow Bridge).

Laika’s mum asked if I could paint two 5″x7″ portraits with detailed backgrounds to give as Christmas gifts to family, which I thought was very sweet! One features a close up of Nika against a treed backdrop, and the other shows Laika cuddling up next to the sweet Doberman. I just love the happy doggie smiles in each. Their family had an early Christmas gathering over the weekend and I just found out that the paintings were opened last night, so I got the green light to share pix early which is exciting 🙂

Now that I think about it, these are actually my first 5×7’s to date! I’m considering offering this small scale size in my regular line up now – what do you think? (To view full images of each of these pieces, please visit my Pet Portrait Portfolio page.)

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