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Happy 2013 all!

Having spent the past 5 or so New Year’s in Calgary or away at my hubby’s gigs, this year our schedule worked out to jaunt over to the Kootenays to visit my sis and brother-in-law! So we were able to hang out there in their new house out in Wardner, AND my mom and her bf popped over as a surprise, so it was a great little family gathering slash sis’s bday celebration. Which we haven’t had a chance to do in a looong while, so good times all around!

Tinkering with the Hipstamatic app’s new tin type style film & lens combo on my iPhone:

new years shenanigans: drinkies, shiny top hats, sparklers, and hubby smooching at midnight of course lol

We enjoyed snacking, laughing, snapping pictures, and playing Pictionary (always a fun one!) awaiting midnight, only to realize we lost track of time and missed the countdown by 2 minutes haha! Whoops! But time does fly when you’re having fun, so it’s all good.

Otherwise the visit was full of chillax time, and got to cuddle with this little cutie face quite a bit too:

nephew puppy Nero

Then once it was time to head back to Calgary there was clear roads and blue skies, which is always a bonus!

All in all it was a great little tripwould love to do it more often, AND wish we could have the whole fam together more of course. Living in totally different areas of BC & Alberta makes it super difficult, but when we do get together it’s always great. Anywho… In the meantime… back to Alberta & back to work! haha

Hope everyone had a fun & safe New Year’s! Best wishes for 2013 & always 🙂

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